Importance of right music

The importance of having the right music track

The old truth goes that sound/music is up to 80% of a movie’s story – that’s quite amazing if you think about it and hence having the right music track is of great importance. Just think back to your favourite films growing up and the audio cues that informed you what emotion might ensue in both the story and within yourself. Imagine the opening of Jaws without the classic da-dum, da dum.

Doesn't feel quite right! Does it?

When working on a project it’s very important to know who the video will be made for, knowing your target audience. It can be quite broad, however knowing what their reaction needs to be while watching the video can really help your music selection.

A good music track can provide plenty of editing cues, this help whether a certain scene needs to be delayed or if other information needs to be included before moving on with the ‘story’.

You might think, ‘come on, it’s got to be simpler than that? Pick a good song and just cut to it!’

It can be but since a story is not just visual it’s important we approach it from all angles. Music should always compliment the visuals and not distract from them – it’s like bacon & eggs, together they just taste right!

Sometimes you might need to cut a piece of your video together and select multiple tracks to see which one works best and whether you’re wondering what comes first, the story or music – Its the story!
However, don’t ever rule out the fact that music can inspire a story.

So next time when you hear a song or an instrumental piece, use your imagination to think of some imagery to go with it!


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